Macbook Pro Free

My old PC is about to bite the dust, leaving me to search high and low for a worthy replacement. After much consideration and with the increased prompting from my Internet Marketing friends, I have decided that my next love affair will be with a Macbook Pro and of course I'll be getting that Macbook Pro free. I wouldn't be the FreeBee Queen if I didn't at least have a plan. LOL

Fortunately for me (and you), Apple.V-bux has a super cool, well loaded Macbook Pro free on their site. All you need to do is:

  1. Sign-up
  2. Complete a couple of offers
  3. Refer some friends
I love doing Incentive Marketing Sites, it's the quickest and easiest way to earn really cool prizes and cash. V-bux is one of the best Incentive sites around and offers excellent training and support.

If you're looking for a free Macbook Pro then this is the place to be.

Macbook Pro Free


Traffic Android

I know this is a little different than what you usually see from The FreeBee Queen but this is for all my fellow Internet Marketers. You won't want to miss this Free Trial.

I've spent the last week Beta Testing an incredible new Social Bookmarking tool that blows away the competition. It literally saves me hours a day.

Traffic Android is an online social bookmarking tool that replaces the tedious task of individually bookmarking your webpages with a few simple clicks and then tops that off by letting you schedule when and where you want those sites bookmarked.

Imagine being able to load up your Traffic Android one time with the URL, tags and description of your Website, blog or webpage and then let the Droid post away.... a few today, a few tomorrow, next week, next month. Can you imagine what that would do for your search engine ranking!

Traffic Android opened it's doors today and is offering a Free Trial.... I highly suggest if you have a website and are looking to improve your traffic, you run right over and check it out.

To see my personal review of Traffic Android check out:


Get Stuff Free ~ The Ultimate Life Organizer

I'm never sure how to describe the Freebie that I have for
you today. When I try to tell friends about it, the
conversation goes something like this:

Me: You have got to try Simpleology ...It's the ultimate
life organizer

Friend: Oh...so it's like a TO DO list?

Me: Well yes, but so much more!

Friend: Ooooh ... so it's like a day planner?

Me: Well yes, but so much more!

Friend: More? More what?

Me: It's more of a life organizer.

Friend: Huh?

Me: It will help you discover what you want out of life,
and show you how to get it.

Friend: So it's not a To Do list?

Me: Well, yes it is... but so much more!

Friend: Huh?

Me: Just go try it...you'll be glad you did. (Sigh!)



The FreeBee Queen


PS: Need a New IPOD or a Nintendo Wii?...You really can get
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Internet Marketing Free Online Stuff

It seems these days, everyone is either interested in or
talking about making money online, but very few people know
how. But here at FreeBee Queen we're dedicated to finding all
kinds of Free Online Stuff, including how to market that free stuff.

After years of being unsuccessful at making a decent living
from home, I finally stumbled upon this incredible free
Internet Marketing Training last August.

It seems that Ed Dale, Internet Guru and Gagillionaire, takes
time out each year to teach Newbies the ins and outs of
Internet Marketing. After seeing numerous friends lose
their jobs when a local company downsized, Ed has made it his
passion to teach individuals how to find financial security

The training is easy and can be taken at your own pace.
You'll want to also check out the forum. Very friendly and

Even if you're not into Internet Marketing, stop by and
learn about the best Free online software and Tools.


The FreeBee Queen

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Free Student Stuff

Are you kidding me? Free Student stuff?

No, I'm not kidding. You really can get free student stuff. Now, granted in some cases you may have to pay shipping and in others you might have to order other stuff...but the deals are so good, it might as well be Free.

Check out how you can get Free Student stuff at:



The Free Lunch Room Freebie Waltz

This is for my fellow Free Lunch Room Freebie Traders...

Close your eyes
Breath in through your nose
Out through your mouth

Deeper, Deeper,
You are getting very sleepy

Now push the Play button....
You know if you don't push the Play button.... Gladiator will find out

Deeper, Deeper
Here comes a Moderator....Push the Play button Now....


Top 10 Mistakes Made by Newbies

If you want to build a successful foundation in Freebie Trading, avoid these mistakes...

  1. Not using a Mentor ~ Most successful business people know that having a Mentor can accelerate your business ten-fold and they are willing to pay top dollar for the best Mentorship Programs. Top Mentors can earn upwards of $10,000 per month. With Freebie Trading, Mentors are available Free. A note of caution.... When choosing a Mentor...Choose Wisely.
  2. Having too many Mentors ~ Worst than not having a Mentor....is having too many Mentors. Way too many Newbies have crashed and burned by trying to follow the conflicted advice of too many Mentors. Find someone that you are comfortable with and stick with them. You will also get more attention from your Mentor if they know that you are only working with them.
  3. Choosing the wrong sites ~ A good Mentor will help you choose the right sites that will fit your plan....of course that means you need to have a plan. You only get to do each offer once and there are a limited amount of offers available, therefore you want to spend those offers on sites that will meet your long-term goals. If you are looking to work Freebie Trading as a full-time business, you need to spend those offers on sites that will work for you for years to come, not on one-time "get a free whatever" sites. If your goal is to just get that "whatever" then don't waste your offers on the cashout Money Machine sites.
  4. Not Reading the Terms of Service and Cancellation Policies ~ Yes! We really do want you to read those...I know that in most cases it's just a bunch of mumbo jumbo ...but in Freebie Land it is vital that you actually take the time to read and understand the Offer.
  5. Not having a Tracking System for all the Offers ~ After you read those TOS and Cancellation Policies you need to make sure you write down the highlights and keep track of which offers you have completed and when the trials end. If you don't, you may be in for a big surprise when that Credit Card statement arrives.
  6. Not Completing the Terms of the Offer ~ Way too many Newbies are sitting around wondering why they didn't credit for an offer, only to discover that they did not complete some aspect of the offer. For example, if you want credit from Stamps.com... you must actually download their software and use the service. Same for Blockbuster.... you must actually order a rental movie. Read the TOS..
  7. Thinking that INSTANT actually means Instant ~ Ha! This is the biggest joke of Freebie Trading. Instant means anything from "possibly the quickest" to "when we get around to it". Don't get hung up on demanding Instant....Experienced Freebie Traders have learned the lesson of patience and the lesson of letting go. Yes, sometimes it's not fair... but it is what it is.
  8. Using Incorrect sign-up information ~ Most of the time when someone "goes Red" (has their credit revoked) it is because they used out of date information or information that does not match their credit card. Before you start Freebie trading make sure you have updated your address and phone number with your Credit Card Company.
  9. Cancelling an Offer Too Soon ~ This is called Offer Fraud and is the biggest No-No in the business. The offering company is giving you credit for trying their product. Therefore, you owe it to them to actually give that product a fair trial. Always wait until 2 days before the end of the trial to determine if you want to cancel. I also recommend that you call the Customer Service number and ask if a trial can be extended. Never be rude and never "put-down" the company or their offer.
  10. Giving up too soon ~ By far the biggest mistake. Many Newbies cannot see the "big picture" and think that they can't succeed in Freebie Trading. They don't seem to understand that Stage One is just that....the first Stage. It's the time to "pay your dues" and learn the ropes. Giving up too soon on a site or the Freebie Biz is a huge mistake.

I pray you won't make these mistakes.

Happy Trading,


The FreeBee Queen



Lesson One - Stage One...The Proxy Test

Are you ready for your first Lesson?

I know you're anxiousto get started, I sure was. I remember how excited I was to have finally found a legitimate way to make money online. After trying every scam, low paying forum posting and survey taking job available, I was thrilled to find something that would not only pay me but that also would pay me quickly.

My first week, I competed 9 sites and earned $500. That was only the beginning. After months of trial and error, I've gotten this down to a well oiled Money Making Machine Business and now it's my goal to teach others to do the same.

Of Course, I want to save you the pain of all those early mistakes. That's why we need to start with a few basics:

The Proxy and Why it's worse then Cooties:

Every thing we do in Freebie Trading relies on other websites being able to read your computer's web address, your IP address to be exact. It's like putting your name on your Paycheck.

A Proxy Server is simply a shared server...meaning there are more than one computers listed at the same address. When this happens, there is no way to trace which computer actually visited the site. Therefore, none of the Freebie Sites will work with anyone on a Proxy.

How do you know if you've got a case of the Proxy?

In most cases you should be fine, but before you invest the time and effort into Freebie Trading, lets do a quick check.

Click on this link:


You want it to say "appears to NOT be on a Proxy Server"

If you come up clean...NOT on a proxy, then you're readyto advance to Lesson two.


It's worse then Cooties...

The only thing you can do is switch Providers. Most of the time the problem is with AOL or mobile broadband cards. You might want to switch to either AT&T Broadband or Verizon.

Coming Up: Lesson Two - Stage One "Cookies and the Cookie Monster".

To your Success,

My Offer Tracking System


One of the biggest mistakes Newbies make is either not reading the Terms of Service/Cancellation Policies or not keeping track of the offers they have completed. There are lot’s of folks using Spreadsheets to track their offers, that’s fine, but they never worked for me. I like the Simple Index Card Method.

You’ll need 3 x 5 Index cards
Numbered Dividers

Alpha Dividers
An Index Card Box.

For each offer that I complete, I write the following on an index card

Name…/ Date of Trial…. /End of Trial Date



Customer Service Phone and Hours

Terms of the offer:

What happens at the end of the offer:

The card gets filed behind the date corresponding to 3 days before the End of the Trial Date.

Everyday I check what’s in the file for that date...that’s when I determine if I’m going to continue the offer or cancel. If I haven’t received the product, I call Customer Service and have the trial date extended.

Once I have decided whether to continue or cancel…I then file the card in the Alpha section based on the name of the offer. You can only do an offer once, so anything that is filed in the Alpha section is now off limits.

It is vital that you keep track of Trial days and Cancellation Times.

Happy Trading,

Have Fun and Let me know if you need any Help

My Top Ten (oops make that Twelve) Freebie Sites

SUPER EASY SITES - (Forever Green, Can Green with only 2 offers, Fast)

easycashout.wish4free -
Positive: Very Easy, great for beginners, Wish4free pays out very quickly, excellent Customer Service
Negative: Lower Payout
I PAY: $10.00 on Green via Paypal

Quick N Easy V-Bux
Positive: Lots of onsite training for beginners
Negative: Use a different percentage system for adding up credits
I pay $20.00 on Green via Paypal

MONEY MACHINE SITES - (Forever Green, Repeatable, One Credit, One Referral Cashouts)

Cashout.wish4free -
Positive: Easy, Pays out very quickly, One Referral, One Credit, excellent Customer Service
Negative: Not as many Offers
I PAY: $20.00 on Green via Paypal plus a bonus of $5.00 to green in 7 days

Your Huge Rewards
Positive: Super Customer Service, lots of offers, Pays out Quickly, One referral cashouts on request.
Negative: Seems to be a bit harder to get credits, be sure to set up your computer correctly and clear your cookies before doing this site. (Beware the surveys that only pay 1/60th of a credit..avoid like the plague).
I PAY: $30.00 on Green via Paypal with a $5.00 bonus to green in 7 days

Positive: The most and Best Offers, Site setup makes it easy
Negative: They only payout on Weds...it can take up to 10 days to get your cashout
I PAY: $20.00 on Green via Paypal with a bonus of $5.00 to Green in 7 days

Positive: With it's super Customer Service and Great Offers...This site is becoming hugely popular
Negative: Dang, I can't think of any.
I PAY: $20.00 on Green via Paypal with a bonus of $5.00 to Green in 7 days

Bread and Butter Sites - (Forever Green, Lot's of Offers, Great Prizes, 3 Referral Cashouts)

Positive: Great prizes, easy, excellent customer service and lot's of Contest for extra $$$
Negative: 2 referrals to cashout
I PAY: $20.00 on Green via Paypal with a bonus of $5.00 to Green in 7 days

Positive: Well managed site, lots of offers, a staple in the Freebie biz
Negative: 2 referrals to Cashout
I PAY: $20.00 on Green via Paypal with a bonus of $5.00 to Green in 7 days

SPECIALTY SITES: - These are sites that will appeal to a specific Market. Pick the sites that fit into your Market or sphere of influence.

Phones.FreeForAllMankind ((Update: I am no longer recommending this site due to my concerns with their Customer Support and Security)
Positive: Easy, Quick and Well Managed Site
Negative: 3 Referrals for Cashout
I PAY: $20.00 on Green via Paypal

Games.FreeForAllMankind (Update: I am no longer recommending this site due to my concerns with their Customer Support and Security)
Positive: It's a FreeforAllMankind Site
Negative: 3 Referrals for Cashout
I PAY: $20.00 on Green via Paypal

Positive: Well run site, Good offers
Negative: A bit harder to complete, 3 referrals
I PAY: $30.00 on Green via Paypal with a bonus of $7.00 to Green in 7 Days

Positive: Well run site, Good offers
Negative: 3 referrals
I PAY: $25.00 on Green via Paypal with a bonus of $7.00 to Green in 7 Days


Lesson Two - Stage One...Cookies?

Now that you understand what Freebee Trading is and what you need, let's get started on setting up your computer. But first...One very important sidenote:

IFW (Incentive Freebie Websites) have a few very important rules:

  1. You must use valid information (it will be checked)
  2. You can only sign-up with one account per household
  3. You can not use a Public Computer
  4. You can only do each offer one time...regardless of how many different sites you see it show up on
  5. Most offers are only available in the US, Canada and the United Kingdom.

With that out of the way...Let's get cracking.

Cookies and The Cookie Monster:

I'm not talking Ginger Snaps..... Cookies are the tasty treat that makes the whole freebee process work. In order for the IFW to give you credit for completing an offer, they need a way to track it from the offer company to you and the best way is for them to place a text tag (cookie) on your computer. This tag tells them who you are and what offers you visited. Unfortunately, if you already have a tag/cookie on your computer from a previous visit then it will have priority over the new cookie. This means we need to clear out any old cookies and allow for the new cookies. It's all about having the right cookies at the right time.

When to Clear Those Cookies:

You want to clear your cookies right before you click my referral link to the IFW Site and then signup immediately. Once you are signed up, every offer you visit will now be linked to the IFW which is linked back to you. You do NOT want to clear your cookies again, until you are finished working on the site.

How to Clear Your Cookies:

IE 7: (IE 6 works best)

1. Click on "Tools" > "Internet Options" > "General" again.
2. Click the "Delete..." button.
3. Under the heading "Cookies," click on "Delete cookies..."
4. Click "Yes" for the "Delete all cookies in the Temporary Internet Files folder?" prompt.
5. Click "Close" to exit.

FIREFOX 2.0 (Firefox 3.0 may not be compatible .... yet)

1. Click on "Tools" > "Options" > "Privacy."
2. Under the "Private Data" heading, click on the "Clear Now" button.
3. Click accept cookies until they expire
4. Click "OK" to exit.
(shortcut = ctrl + shift + delete)

Although most of the IFW sites don't require you to clear your temporary Internet file, I usually clear mine when I clear the Cookies.

Now that the Cookies are cleared....They need to be enabled. Make sure Security settings are set to enable cookies until they expire. You will also need to disable all PopUp Blockers and Virus Scans until you have finished the offers.

Some Traders have reported problems with Internet Explorer 7 blocking some of the offers. I recommend you use either IE6 or Firefox.

If you are not sure how to do any of these things, email me and I'll be glad to walk you through it:-)


On to Lesson Three - Stage One....Ready, Set, Go!


Lesson Three - Stage One....Ready, Set, Go!

Are you ready for that $250 Now?

Now that you've gotten your computer setup, you're almost ready to begin but first you need to listen up.... Two very important messages. Ok, make that three, very important messages.

Very Important....You must use the links below in order to get paid by me. If you do not sign-up with my link, there is no way for me to track your completion.

Very Important....Make sure you review Lesson two and clear those cookies right before clicking on the links below. Turn off Google toolbar, set to receive all cookies and only use IE or Firefox 2.0 browsers.

Very Important....Read the Terms of Service and Cancellation Policies on the Sites and on all the Offer pages....yes, I really do mean this....Don't believe me..OK..Here's WHY:

  • You need to know...when and if there are any charges applied to the "Free Offer", sometimes there are shipping charges, sometimes you may end up being billed monthly if you do not cancel the trial.
  • Never apply for an Offer and then cancel before giving the product a try...If you cancel too quick, you may lose your credit.
  • There are several offers that I'm not suppose to call by name (can we say Poster Pass, Janines Jewelry and Seattle Coffee...did I say that out loud?) that have the nerve to advertise as a special $9.00 offer but actually have the gull to charge $32.00 shipping! Thank the Lord...these guys are the exception and not the rule.
  • You need to write down the terms of the offer... Name, Date of Cancellation, Phone Number, and most importantly...what happens at the end of the trial.
  • I don't want to scare you...this is really very simple and I'm going to give you a Tracking System so don't freak out.

The Easiest

I love all the Wish4free Sites...mainly because of their excellent Customer Service and the fact they they will pay you lightening fast. This is their latest site geared toward beginners. It's quick and easy.


http://easycashout.wish4free.com/?referral=15841 I pay $10.00 on Green via Paypal

For those of you who want to start with a super easy site that also happens to be the Best of the Best of the Bread and Butter Sites I recommend:

Quick N Easy V-Bux

http://quickneasy.v-bux.com/index.php?id=5960 I pay $20.00 on Green via Paypal

Once you have completed a site, they will verify that you used valid information including your correct address, phone number and that the information matches the information given to all the offer companies. Be sure to use valid information. This helps the IFW sites keep out the scammers.

The next step is to wait for the Offer companies to notify the IFW Site that you have signed-up for their offer. Some times it happens instantly but some times even when they say it will be "Instant" it can take days. When all the offers are completed and verified you will see your status change to Green. The site will also notify me that you have gone "Green" and I will send your payment immediately to your Paypal account. It really is that easy:-)

Next Up...Keeping Track of it all


OMG! Hurry While it's FREE!

I wish I could take credit for finding all these great deals for ya, but it was my friend from the Free Lunchroom Forum that found these awesome deals. Thank you dcbrownie (The Freebie Queen...not to be confused with little ole me, The FreeBee Queen..LOL)

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Welcome to the Wacky World of Freebees

Welcome fellow worker bees...

If you're anything like me then "Free" is your favorite four letter word.

As a single Mom who went from the "Big house" to the "Little house" to the "trailer" after my divorce, I've learned a thing or two about getting stuff for little or no cash. Dang, I've even learned how to get Cash for Free and I'm ready to share what I've learned.

If you want to change the direction of your life but haven't got the funds to invest in a turnip, then this is the place to get started. Or, if you've got the funds but still love to get it Free, stick around; there's plenty for everyone.

Now that, I'm on my way back to the "Big House" it's nice to be piling up the free stuff along the way.

Stay tuned because you're about to learn about some of the best freebies online.

The Freebee Queen